Participate in Roses in Review 2018

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I got this email from the American Rose Society:

Deadline – Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018 


2018 marks the 93rd time that the ARS has evaluated new rose introductions. Roses in Review is an important part of getting the most enjoyment from our roses. The ARS uses these reports to determine national ratings for roses in commerce. These ratings help us to determine which roses are the “best” to grow nationally. These ratings we help to create are published annually in American Rose and in The Handbook for Selecting Roses. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s our duty as good rosarians to share our knowledge and experiences with others.


The RIR website has been revamped from top to bottom, and is much more user friendly than in previous years. There are many pictures of the roses to be reviewed, and by clicking on a rose name to be reviewed, you can see and confirm the exact rose to be reviewed in the Modern Roses database. You can even make changes to your reviews after they have been submitted.


The deadline for reporting is September 26, 2018. Remember, you don’t have to be a member of the ARS to participate.You don’t have to be a consulting rosarian, either. You just need to grow the roses being reviewed and be willing to share your knowledge. The American Rose Society encourages all roses growers to review roses for Roses in Review.


Easy steps to begin:


1.Point your browser to (you will be redirected to the new Modern Roses database)


go to


go to – click on roses in top menu – this will take you to a page that says ALL ABOUT THE ROSES! at the top – scroll down to MORE ABOUT ROSES! and click on the box that says Roses In Review (you will be redirected to the new Modern Roses database).


go to – click on arrow at far right of screen in the photo slider to get to the 2018 Roses In Review photo and click on it (you will be redirected to the new Modern Roses database).


2. You will need to register. Click on Register in the top right hand corner.

Please enter your email and a password you will remember. Click register.

We only need your email to monitor that robots are not accessing our site and screwing the results of our survey. You will receive a confirmation email from ARS. This is just for your files.

You may immediately go into review roses. You do not need to wait for the confirmation email from ARS.


3. Complete your profile.

Garden sprayed? Do you exhibit? Are you a Consulting Rosarian? Garden conditions? Zip code.

Click save.


This will bring up the Roses in Review page.


4. To review roses: Begin with the class toggle – Floribundas/Polyanthas show up first. Sort by class and then find the rose you want to review in that class. Click review on far right. Enter all information asked – plant quantity, years grown, garden rating, exhibition rating, winter hardiness, height, black spot, mildew, rust, fragrance. Add comments if you like. Click submit.

* If you are a CR and do not grow any of the roses: select your user profile in the Select Profile toggle, then you can check the “I do not grow any of the roses listed.” If you choose All under class, then checking the box for none grown will be in effect for the entire list of roses.


5. You can see reviews by toggling the Reviews bar to “my reviews.”

Clicking on rating allows you to edit the review. Make your edits and click submit.

You can also search reviews by district under the review bar, then select your district.


Click On The Link Below To See Video Instructions:





Calling Rosarians to Participate in Roses in Review



This year’s Roses in Review (RIR) marks the 93rd time that American Rose Society members have evaluated new rose introductions. The forms and instructions were distributed with the July/August issue of the American Rose or they can be viewed on the ARS website ( together with a list of the roses to be evaluated. For the results to be meaningful, we need everyone to participate. Anyone who grows roses may make a review. They need not be a member of a local rose society or the American Rose Society. Whether you grow only one plant of one variety on the list or many of them, we need your contribution. We need input from “garden” rosarians as well as exhibitors, and from new rosarians as well as seasoned veterans. We also welcome reports from those who are not yet ARS members, so please pass along this website address ( to your rose-growing friends. Take a few minutes of your time to evaluate your new roses. Only evaluate roses you grow from the cultivar list. Reviews must be submitted by September 26, 2018. Your reports will be automatically sent to your District coordinator.

The complete results of this survey will be included in the January/February 2019 issue of American Rose and will help determine the garden ratings in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses as an important tool for us in selecting roses for our gardens.


Here is a message from the Carolina District Director, Don Myers regarding this year’s Roses in Review:

 With the passing of our long time member and CR Coordinator Bob Lundberg, I have asked Ken Schmidt to assume this role. Ken is an excellent exhibitor and rose grower.

Please support Ken and our district by completing your roses in review evaluations. The list of eligible roses is found in the ARS magazine and website. It is particularly important for CRs to complete their reports. Note Ken’s email:


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda Morgan