Frequently Asked Questions

Who may become a member of the Charleston Rose Society?

Anyone interested in roses and the society may attend the monthly meetings. Dues are $15 per year for a regular membership, which includes participation in all society activities and a subscription to our award-winning newsletter. Family membership is $20 per year. Additional $5 fee is charged for postal delivery of the newsletter.


May I join the society by mail?

Yes. Make checks payable to Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society. Mail a check for the annual dues to: Pat Hibbard, Membership Chair, 26 Cedarhurst Ave., Charleston, SC 29407. Ph: 843-327-1380; Email:


What is the mailing address of the rose society?

Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society, 3056 Sugarberry Lane, Johns Island, SC 29455


What is in the newsletter?

CLRS is proud of its newsletter which has won a Bronze Award in the American Rose Society newsletter competition in 2014. The newsletter features articles on growing roses in Lowcountry South Carolina, society news and announcements, information on new roses that do well in this area, and reviews of new products, fertilizers, equipment, etc. The newsletter is published ten times a year.


Rose Growing Questions

When should I prune roses?

Our local Consulting Rosarians advise mid-to-late February. Pruning too early may damage your roses.


Do roses need winter protection in the Lowcountry?

Lowcountry rosarians disagree on this issue. Some put a deep layer of mulch on all their roses, others add no extra protection.


Do roses need to be watered in the winter?

Yes, water deeply about once a month.


When is cold most likely to damage roses?

Freeze damage occurs most often when the weather cycles from freezing to warm temperatures, then back to freezing.


What cultivars are most tender?

Roses grown on Fortuniana rootstock may need more winter protection than those on other rootstocks.


When is the best time to move a rose bush?

Late fall and winter, when the rose is dormant.


When is the best time to plant roses?

Plant bare root roses in January and February. Container-grown roses may be planted anytime from spring through mid-summer.


Where should I buy my rose bushes?

Local nurseries and garden centers generally offer top quality roses. Select plants with 3 or 4 plump green canes. There should be no signs of deformed growth or discoloration on the canes. Look for Grade No. 1 (top quality) on the label.