Sustainable Roses in the Carolinas


Cinco de Mayo


Below is a list of sustainable roses, meaning low maintenance roses that do not need spraying, compiled in early 2017 from panel discussions of members in rose societies in the North and South Carolina area sent to me by Lenna Easter of Eastern NC Rose Society.

Awakening (pink blend) climber

Belinda’s Dream (Earthkind] HT form (pink) shrub

Beverly (pink blend) BT (Kordes) frag. hybrid tea

Bull’s Eye (white/red eye) shrub

Caldwell Pink [aka Pink Pet] Earthkind (pink) shrub

Carefree Beauty (Earthkind) [Buck] pink shrub

Carefree Wonder [Meilland] pink shrub

Cecile Brunner [Earthkind](pink) climber

Cinco de Mayo (Russet) floribunda

Clair Matin (light pink) climber

Country Dancer [Buck] (deep pink) shrub

Darcey Bussell (red Blend) [Austin] shrub

Dark Desire (deep red) frag. grandiflora

Darlow’s Enigma (white) hybrid musk

Dee-Lish (pink) frag. hybrid tea

Dream Come True (yellow blend) grandiflora

Drift (many colors esp. Sweet and Pink) shrub

Duet Supreme (dark pink) hybrid tea

Easy Does It (pink blend) floribunda

Easy Going (yellow) shrub

Elina (lt. yellow/white) hybrid tea

Flower Carpet (in many colors) shrub

Home Run (many colors) shrub

Honeymoon (cream) climber

Hot Cocoa (russet) floribunda

Julia Child (yellow) floribunda

Knock Out (many colors) shrub

Lady Banks [OGR] (yellow) climber

Lady Elsie May (orange pink) shrub

Livin’ Easy (orange blend) floribunda

Miracle on the Hudson (med red) BT shrub

My Girl (deep pink) HT form shrub

New Dawn [Earthkind] (light pink) climber

Oso Easy (many colors) shrub

Palmgarten Frankfurt (pink) shrub

Peggy Martin (pink) [found rose] climber

Red Cascade (red) mini climber

Rubaiyat (red) hybrid tea

Savannah (orange pink) [Kordes] BT frag. hybrid tea

Summer Romance (pink) floribunda

Sunshine Daydream (yellow) grandiflora

The Fairy [Earthkind] (pink) shrub

Traviata (red) hybrid tea

Zephirin Drouhin (pink) Bourbon climber


Until next time. Stop and Smell the Roses.

Rosalinda Morgan