Rose Photography Contest 2017


Best of Rose Photography Contest Award 2016


At the Rose Show on May 6, 2017 at James Island Town Hall, 1238-B Camp Rd., James Island, SC, there will also be a Rose Photography Contest open only to members of Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society. If you want to show your rose photography and you are not a member yet, you can join the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society at the rose show by paying $15 for single membership or $20 for family membership. There will be 9 categories ranging from photos of single bloom and spray of roses to rose garden photography and abstract impression of roses.

Information about the society and how to grow beautiful roses will be available during the Rose Show.

Admission to the Rose Show is free.


Class 1: One bloom, at its most perfect stage, HT, Gr, F of any variety including singles, no sidebuds.

Class 2: One spray, FT, Gr, F, Polyantha, two or more blooms.

Class 3: One bloom of a miniature or miniflora, no sidebuds

Class 4: A spray of a miniature or miniflora

Class 5: One Bloom of Shrub or Old Garden Rose

Class 6: A spray of a Shrub or Old Garden Rose

Class 7: Open bloom rose(s) of any class, stamens must show.

Class 8: A photo of any rose garden or any rose society activitiy

Class 9: Abstract or Impressonism: A photo having non-objective design, form or content, of a rose plant(s) or any portion thereof. Does not include abstract arrangements.


Contest Rules:

1. Contest is open only to members of the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society and must have taken all photographs entered. Any contestants who have not paid their current year’s dues will be ineligible.

2. Contestants are permitted to enter a maximum of three photographs per class in all classes. However, contestants may enter only one photo of a particular variety in ANY class. Photos must be in 5” x 7” size but no frame or matting is allowed.

3. Duplicate photos may NOT be entered in different classes.

4. The rose photos must be entered with the ARS approved exhibition name. Grooming the rose(s) is encouraged and artificial backgrounds may be used.

5. Photographs need to be submitted in the following format: class number with the letters a-c for multiple pictures in the same class, last name of the contestant and the approved exhibition name of the rose. An example would be 1a-Morgan – Gemini; 1b-Morgan – Queen Elizabeth; 1c-Morgan – Betty Boop. Tag should be taped in back of the photo. Any text in front of the entry will be cause for disqualification.

6. Any photographs may be enhanced by the use of any graphic program, such as Photoshop, Elements or Photo Impact.

7. Any individual who enters this contest give express permission to CLRS to use their photos for educational display at libraries in the Charleston area during the month of May. Photos will be returned to contestants in June.

8. Class 1-7 will be judged 50 percent on exhibition quality and 50 percent on photographic excellence. Class 8-9 will be judged on photographic excellence only.

9. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not conform to the stated rules prior to the entries being judged.

10. There will be awards in each class: Blue ribbons for first place; Red ribbons for second place and Yellow ribbons for third place. The Blue ribbons winners in each class will be eligible for Best of Rose Photography Contest Award.



Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society April 2017 Meeting

The Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society will hold their April meeting on Sunday, April 2 at James Island Town Hall, 1238-B Camp Rd., James Island, SC 29412. Social Time begins at 2:30. Meeting and Program follow thereafter at 3 PM. Admission is FREE. Consulting Rosarians will be available to answer all rose questions so please bring them in.



Our speakers for the April meeting are Kathy Woolsey and Dr. William Prioleau. Kathy Woolsey is a former Vice President of the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society and will talk about Preparing your Roses for the Rose Show. Dr. William Prioleau, an American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian, is the CLRS Treasurer and an amateur Photographer will talk about Tips on Photographing your Roses for the Rose Photography Contest at the Rose Show.

The Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society’s Annual Rose Show will be held at St. James Town Hall, 1238-B Camp Rd., James Island on May 6 and is open to the public. You do not have to be a member of CLRS to show your roses. However, to enter the Photography Contest Section of the Rose Show, you have to be a paid member of the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society.



Sustainable Roses in the Carolinas


Cinco de Mayo


Below is a list of sustainable roses, meaning low maintenance roses that do not need spraying, compiled in early 2017 from panel discussions of members in rose societies in the North and South Carolina area sent to me by Lenna Easter of Eastern NC Rose Society.

Awakening (pink blend) climber

Belinda’s Dream (Earthkind] HT form (pink) shrub

Beverly (pink blend) BT (Kordes) frag. hybrid tea

Bull’s Eye (white/red eye) shrub

Caldwell Pink [aka Pink Pet] Earthkind (pink) shrub

Carefree Beauty (Earthkind) [Buck] pink shrub

Carefree Wonder [Meilland] pink shrub

Cecile Brunner [Earthkind](pink) climber

Cinco de Mayo (Russet) floribunda

Clair Matin (light pink) climber

Country Dancer [Buck] (deep pink) shrub

Darcey Bussell (red Blend) [Austin] shrub

Dark Desire (deep red) frag. grandiflora

Darlow’s Enigma (white) hybrid musk

Dee-Lish (pink) frag. hybrid tea

Dream Come True (yellow blend) grandiflora

Drift (many colors esp. Sweet and Pink) shrub

Duet Supreme (dark pink) hybrid tea

Easy Does It (pink blend) floribunda

Easy Going (yellow) shrub

Elina (lt. yellow/white) hybrid tea

Flower Carpet (in many colors) shrub

Home Run (many colors) shrub

Honeymoon (cream) climber

Hot Cocoa (russet) floribunda

Julia Child (yellow) floribunda

Knock Out (many colors) shrub

Lady Banks [OGR] (yellow) climber

Lady Elsie May (orange pink) shrub

Livin’ Easy (orange blend) floribunda

Miracle on the Hudson (med red) BT shrub

My Girl (deep pink) HT form shrub

New Dawn [Earthkind] (light pink) climber

Oso Easy (many colors) shrub

Palmgarten Frankfurt (pink) shrub

Peggy Martin (pink) [found rose] climber

Red Cascade (red) mini climber

Rubaiyat (red) hybrid tea

Savannah (orange pink) [Kordes] BT frag. hybrid tea

Summer Romance (pink) floribunda

Sunshine Daydream (yellow) grandiflora

The Fairy [Earthkind] (pink) shrub

Traviata (red) hybrid tea

Zephirin Drouhin (pink) Bourbon climber


Until next time. Stop and Smell the Roses.

Rosalinda Morgan

Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society March 2017 Meeting

The Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society will hold their March meeting on Sunday, March 5 at James Island Town Hall, 1238-B Camp Rd., James Island, SC 29412. Social Time begins at 2:30. Meeting and Program follow thereafter at 3 PM. Admission is FREE. Consulting Rosarians will be available to answer all rose questions so please bring them in.

Our speaker for the March meeting is Don Myers who will talk about the future of the American Rose Society and our hobby and connect it to having a Rose Show as they are related.

Don Myers has had a long love affair with roses starting as a teenager in New Jersey in the 1960’s. His current rose garden has about 500 plants including 300 mini and minifloras. Don holds a PhD in plant pathology from Cornell University and retired last May from Bayer CropScience after 31years of service developing new products for weed, disease, and insect control for the chemical industry. In the American Rose Society, he is currently District Director for the Carolina District and is national chairman of consulting rosarians. Don was responsible for developing the Master rosarian CR program. He and his wife Mary routinely exhibit in local, district, and national rose shows and are ARS horticulture judges. Don is also a CR, Master Rosarian, and an arrangement judge. Don has given numerous presentations on a variety of subjects involving roses. He is currently in the process of visiting every society in the Carolina district to determine their needs and interests. He and Mary live in Wake Forest NC with their toy poodles, Cosmo (Topper) and Bobby (Starlight).